петък, 11 ноември 2016 г.

How a Hospitality Consultant can improve your Business


     I often use SoHostel but some of the members of staff at the hostel "SoHostel" did not give me a cup of coffee
- They say: you have to pay!

   In early 2016 by February I booked a room /4/ four times a week for 30/25 £ pounds a night WITHOUT breakfast and coffee.
   Recently I book a room for only two days a week up to 20 pounds WITHOUT breakfast and coffee.
   2. When I make a reservation for a room, I say at the reception that I prefer upper bed, but when I go to check in 2:00 pm, some of the reception team say that I'm down bed
Please, have a look that file which is as follow

    To see this information file, copy it and then do paste it , but not in the blank field-box and make it paste top without entering www, just push/press ENTER on the Computer Keyboard

  •    file:///H:/Site%20map%20(2).pdf

     - About this 2nd file, just jump to empty box on the google then, as before copy then paste this file then ENTER


Write at the empty box of google " Bedrooms at the SoHostel cost 25 £ + breakfast at the Inside Housing"
- then you'll see original web-page