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Information relating to the life in Dublin, citizens addicts and their police


     Drug addicts in  Ireland   as   well,  police   briefly     make a short comment

      Irish citizens, indiscriminately attacking other citizens!

 While I walk down the street, a group of youths attacked me with kicks. I  didn't talking to strangers with, I think them drug addicts - these young people are not homeless ...

  Second case, on the street where I was attacked while sleeping, another dope Irish type, trying to scare me with kicks, because I refused to give my sleeping bag - that is, Irish citizen who bother others, attacking them for their sleeping sacks, because lazy to carry the sleeping bag.

  Very often citizens of Ireland, annoy, aggressive begging  and attacking  another - also are white gypsies  addicts! 
   I noticed themselves citizens of Ireland have a very bad behavior, also very cold peoples to foreigners! 

   Irish groups, wild hooligans - drug addicts, not only attacked, but throwing breakables into the  buildings which have windows, which is, after breaking the windows of buildings in Dublin!

  That I was a victim of drug addicts, criminals drugged, I called to the police station, then, I visited them, but to no avail!

  Moreover, I noticed that the police of Dublin, are they not arrest their citizens who drugged attacked! 

   Irresponsibility and my respect by the Dublin Police, I turned  to assist to "Garda Ombudsman   - to no avail!

  Citizens of Dublin , attacking homeless and remix their luggage - it happened to me . They are not homeless , others ask me for drugs. Some Irish people sell drugs !

  Protection of small "MALL Ilac Centre" - as her guards Library, chase perceived them citizens with luggage who want to enter the Library- which is located at - Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1, it is located inside small Mall

  In Dublin, noticed that there are very dangerous drug addicts, which I think should be of closed doors !

  The citizens of Ireland have a bad temper, they are cold and have a very bad behavior, just like bullies, they are wild.
  To understand the history of Ireland and Oliver Cromwellabout that, please,  follow the link, which is


   Do not forget to check the book about  Disraeli, which wrote a book about its history, as it will notice his opinion about Ireland ...           

        Author of the book is - Edgar Feuchtwanger

                          About this book, please just have look this link, which is  

Still working on the topic

Pavel P.


 Information about the police station Charing Cross and junkies people/drugs addicts 

   Several times I was attacked by citizens -junkies of the UK while I was sleeping in the street of the Charing Cross -London.

How I was attacked, I explain I

  About the building of the Charing cross, drug addicts they use drugs, for which, I shared the police.
  For the moment I am being attacked with glass bottle of kicks fragile and liquid  and some spit on me and others tossing cigarette butts! Others called on me, "wake up"
            Others throw fragile bottles away from me.

 With attacks of mixed type origin-addicts, often happens to me.

     For which I had already informed police several fold.
  Some of the employees of the police refused to register the case, but I was persistent, and then they registered my case.

  The policeman asked me for an ID card for me and told me that I should not sleep on the street, the law was such, and another from the police call me, I turned to socialite for homeless

   In this case, I met a "VICTIM SUPPORT" organisation. They told me that the homeless, uncooperative, and I headed for the socialite for homeless!
    The centre for the homeless, do nothing for the homeless but only register them.
  I am registered with The Connection at St Martins and was admitted in social for about a week, and then on the staff of the center told me they could not let me anymore - I never understood why a weave and offered me a ticket for Bulgarian
  In Brussels and Paris, it happened to me, a similar case while I was sleeping on the streets.
In my views, the people of Brussels and Paris, are tolerant and cultural comparison of the people in London.

.   Citizens-junkies of London, are dangerous. I noticed, also, that not only attacked indiscriminately, drugs and sell drugs, while I went on his way, trying to stop me, but I pass them.

    For drug addicts who get stoned, sell drugs and attack must be scored in close for a period of time for at least 45 to 50 years in prison. And, for those who share that are not good, needs to be checked and then if they are determined to groups must be closed in the  -" special clinics for junkies/drug addicts"  and giving them drugs to catch what you missed, this    should be depending on the sentence.

              Addict! harming themselves, as well as other normal people around them!

Life imprisonment for drug addicts

  •     who sell drugs and teach children how to use the drug.

         The British try to drive away from their country.

  Still, British addicts, mixed type, white and black kind of people attack me while I lay on the street of Charing Cross station - I didn't bother them! I don't understand why they are so cold and bad people?!

   I guess someone ordered me to leave the United Kingdom also, I believe that the police know them very well, but makes them nothing!

   Foreign citizens share that they have also been attacked and the police chase them from the streets where they sleep - instead, the police pursue drug criminals, chasing the "foreign citizens homeless," I wonder, how long is this discrimination by the British, against foreign nationals.

   In Britain, foreign citizens homeless, are isolated and treated very poorly by their citizens themselves, police and Government.

The attention of the United States!
Subject: Citizens of the UK, leaving for United States, the Board must, each one to go through the five /5/ Inspector, in order not to allow dangerous criminals-junkies!

         About   labour   market   in   the  UK
Why I didn't get job
     In the UK, there is still a partial restrictions for work!

     At the site of a universal job match, I noticed the ads for each item of work is required

    Requirements for working as a janitor/Cleaner and Kitchen Worker/Porter  in the UK

You will need to bring:
·         Passport and Working Visa (if applicable)
·         Proof of address (eg. electricity bill from the last 3 months) and Bank statement
·         2 references
·         Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
and more documents depend of employers

   . Job candidates to have experience and skills for the position you apply for a job, they have been working in the UK!

  Applicants from other countries who have worked at their specialty, but apply to work in Britain-not recognising-service, trials and skills in special a lnosta for which they worked

  Available, you/we should work like it volunteer abroad to prove your abilities and skills, of course if you want to get jobs

Still I work of topic
Petkov P.

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