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       INFORMATION about "Guy's Hospital" London
  In 2011 I had consultation in hospital on "Guy's Hospital"-
clinic Ear Nose Throat on occasion broken my nose. For an appointment with a doctor specialist, takes a year-that is, in London.
  The doctor who examined me said that I would make my nose correction, but I gave up. I wanted to remove the bone barrier, but the doctor refused to do such an operation.
           Why I wanted to remove the bone baffle explained:
  In Bulgarian, I've done three (3) operations on my nose, without result, most likely under the hands of Senior Assistant who trained someone

  I still have difficulty breathing because my nose is broken or is due to polyps.
            The diagnosis is: Deviacio Septum Nasi.

 On 03 June 2014, again I had another consultation at Guy's Hospital, but the doctor (ENT) clinic ear nose throat, refusing to do surgery which I consider appropriate. The doctor wants to do surgery, from which to train students for money, which is the policy of the clinic.

  Supposed to do what will be good for me, as I subscribe to it!
Doctors at Guy's Hospital in London, working in their own interest and not in the best interest of their patients.
  In England, the free operations  are   not  done,   make   only emergency operations.
the topic works PAVEL P.

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