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Immigration and Asylum Tribunal guidance

Immigration and Asylum Tribunal guidance

   I appeal to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal , on the Government of England,  which  country continues to introduce and introduced restrictive discrimination legislation, in which treat citizens and deprive them of freedom, freedom of movement and rights !
  Immigration and the Judiciary not issue decisions on the detention of a citizen , also they do not issue the documents to which they give reasons under arrest and deportation !
  For those who do not issue decisions that must be defined as a criminal offense !
  Authorities of England and the judiciary , and immigration did not issue decisions to give reasons is not to be responsible , and other purposes is the applicants themselves can not defend their rights , and of course fail to condemn State or any administration ! Should not be considered limiting law !
  You should , by the European Parliament to become familiar with the laws of Great Britain !
  Police chase homeless people who sleep on the streets , in place to monitor those who make trouble ! The police and the government says the homeless beg, but they persecute those who do not beg !
       Themselves Englishmen do not want foreigners, mostly poor homeless !
  Completely restricting discriminatory laws that the UK, introduced with the purpose to deprive citizens of other countries, the freedom of movement and rights!
  When you put someone in jail, they hold him while pleading guilty by the court of London, sent lawyer jailed that lawyer instructed him with the idea to require the person to plead guilty, and then go home!
   Due to improper administration, the Ombudsman is the one who has to prepare until then to submit it to the European Parliament to take measures to prevent discriminatory laws limiting!

         For more information, please follow, any information that I create!

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