петък, 5 юли 2013 г.

LGBT-BULGARIA: Права на ЛГБТ хората

LGBT-BULGARIA: Права на ЛГБТ хората: През 2011 г. съществени подобрения на правата на хората с различна сексуална ориентация и транссексуалните хора в България нямаше. Според...


I say :

I want to make changes in the Penal Code / Criminal Code /
 - The changes which include texts that define such crimes, assaults and attacks against LGBT people to be interpreted as a criminal offense
 - This should be interpreted when someone attacks and attacks deliberately or because they like LGBT.
 To make these changes in the Penal Code must first be introduced for LGBT law, which law these people with different sexual orientation have protection!
 .... It is an offense to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender - This is not mental or criminal - This can not be changed
 Of those people with LGBT sexual orientation is a crime when someone is raped someone or some.

This is my opinion


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