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ultrabook video: Gay asylum seekers feeling increased pressure to p...

ultrabook video: Gay asylum seekers feeling increased pressure to p...: assessment of changes to the Canada Border UK has led immigrants fleeing persecution to show even films themselves having sex Aa Gay asylu...


    Information about the Government and the immigration of England

  I had applied for asylum in London in April 2012 and was forcibly inserted in prison /16/05/2012 at "Dover Immigration Removal Centre", for (3) three days, then on "Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre", for two months, prior immigration experience 20/05/2012, let me back in Bulgaria!
Imprisonment "Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre", I was moved to Linh House Cardiff, for /3/ three weeks, Arabs, then in Wrexham. I'm back with the Arab and I do not want to be with these people, it said the authorities of immigration, immigration, again I want to return to Bulgaria, despite the problems at home. --If I do not return to Bulgaria it because I do not want immigration would put me back in prison for dangerous illegal immigrants, which is wrong.
                                 Power of England is bad and violates my rights !
  I do not employ or anything, just put me in prison and I keep my documents - passport, identity card and driving license.
  I proved to immigration that I have problems that I attacked, and I sent them an email, websites which contain information about LGBT life in Bulgaria and producer for which I worked in gay films was convicted. -- Because there is no law LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual in Bulgaria.
  During the time when I was in the refugee camps (so-called prison) I made and asking questions of EU citizens and citizens of non European Union -what you have here in this prison? Citizens shall I explain that apply for asylum while others say they have lived in the UK legally five years and some say they were fifteen years without any issue them and is a public document, also shared that when you apply for asylum gave them and then brings them back immigration in prison for refugees. - This is for European citizens and citizens of non European countries !
   For most immigrants, asylum seekers, immigration of England refused to grant asylum
Immigration of England, gives bad advice and detain the asylum seeker as he wants ticket home country, rather than to solve the problem of the immigrant. -- This is also where EU citizens who do not have a work permit and immigration Unable to dump them into immigrants in prison!
        Me, I turn and give me a work permit or anything, but keep my documents!
   I made the suggestion that if you do not want to accept me no problem with that - only I want to transfer the case to another state or if not possible, to send me back to Bulgaria and give me some money with which to buy a ticket another country, and that, I quit forever from England and it will not come back or want something, but did not reach consensus and understanding.
Instead of a work permit as a citizen of Europe, the authorities in England, obliges me every Friday to sign into police!
          The attention of those who apply for asylum and giving your citizenship!
  This is very serious, you opt out of your citizenship, by considering authorities of England, how you play with immigrants and their infringing
What is important to know you
  You have to understand the other in Europe, England, the rules on asylum also asked each other, and like you before you, and that is if you have a document to prove that you have problems in the country, not scored any document that immigration will require you to specifying the on and share what you're telling the truth about you, her / it were / was persecuted / prosecuted because this country will abuse and will break more rights
  Even if you have documents, which prove that you are a persecuted and immigration oblige you specifying the documents relating to it, do not sign!
  I am convinced that most of the immigrants do not have that document in question because of the Member that we / you run / run, the government would not issue such a document would be responsible
  Comments will not do, on countries' policies and authorities except only want to say that the authorities of the Member said that immigration of immigrants is one of the biggest problems - I can say that the problems in the world, is entirely due to The authorities of the states and not the citizens and refugees!
              I applied for asylum and was transferred from Cardiff to Wrexham.
  "Wrexham Refugee Council" does not help me with anything, and I do not allow, forbid me to come, instead of helping.
"Wrexham Refugee Council" is located at Trinity House Trinity Street Wrexham LL11 1NL
Someone can tell you - what are those people who is dealing with immigrants?
2. On 10/10/2010 I was again inserted in prison for immigrants - without a problem I did!
  Immigration comes at 7: 00 am on asylum was granted to me for about two months. They arrested me and took me to a police station for one night, then I was taken to Brook House Immigration Removal Centre - [imprisonment for immigrants).

Immigration confiscate my money that I kept my ticket and arrest they asked me who pays the house - I said that the law authorities assist and support immigrants who have applied for asylum - those who are persecuted!
   On 26.10.2012 immigration at the airport tried again I returned to Bulgaria  without  wanting  to document their schedules that they wanted to document specifying the first of their experience when they tried to remove me ... All immigrants to the authorities in England, makes denial of asylum, immigration from the airport, threatening that they would send two bodyguards to board the plane and that is not oriented to aircraft will be beaten - I was threatened by immigration, although what I got on the plane and was returned to prison closed doors - without food for one day! This happens with others, even some fighting with immigration, chasing them and gives them just the ticket, no money. From FRS and Refugee Action, said we support and give them money - FRS and Refugee Action denial and do not give them money!
  Again on 02.11.2012, Immigration me strength to get back in Bulgaria and I went back for me in jail.

   From an immigrant prison told me that he lived ten years legally and authorities of England, took his documents - that Mr. does not of European type, said he caught a small amount of a drug! For possession of drug authorities of England wants to deport him - that told me this gentleman! Says also that he has a family, wife and child! In this regard, I can say that it is wrong to be stripped of the documents and be deported - this is in violation of his rights!
- For those that are in violation, I can say that can be put in jail, then serving his sentence, but not to be withdrawn documents to be deported - what makes the power of England is in their policy!

   For another citizen from Pakistan - the same who says he has applied for  asylum  submitted  a document to a document, it is proved that it is haunted, however, the government of England, deny safe haven!

  For those who gave them shelter before, people say that harbor them for two or three months and then return them to prison for immigrants!

New asylum seekers are refusing to asylum and immigration puts them in jail, and then tries to deport them!

The Government gives no dwelling of the persecuted, with no criminal acts. I have no criminal record.

 Asylum which was given to me for two months, is marked with plate that is sold!
- The address is; Flat 2, 32 Rhosddu Rd, Wrexham LL11 2NS

 At this address, one woman living in Africa - the same lady has applied for asylum and was placed along with her younger son, downstairs. The woman said that her husband is an Englishman, and from which a beautiful child, however, the government does not give them documents !
 The power of England persecuted they deprive foreigners applied for asylum in order to collect the money for them to be issued by EU budget was sent to Bulgaria on 11.02.2012 will not help, with men four people sent by the government of England!
 The power of England, gave me my documents - passport, identity card, license to drive a motor vehicle, a birth certificate and a certificate of professional qualification
   Sent documents from Immigration to the Bulgarian Embassy in London, I received the documents, but lack a birth certificate and documents; specialty Upholstery sofas!

 Look at the link , which has information about immigrants seeking political asylum ! On the same when applying for political asylum they choked bunch series of questions also required to prove that you are persecuted - in that proof with you , asylum seekers have limited discriminatory laws of England. 
 England does not dwelling on political persecution, not a criminal record ! 
 I have no criminal record - I have not the least offense, even une-
asy my life !    
 What say: Home secretary Theresa May plans a major shake-up of the immigration laws in BritainRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2438130/Theresa-May-Ill-kick-illegal-migrants-BEFORE-chance-appeal.html#ixzz2ubohlbP7     !!!!!!!!!!!!

Continue reading below !


   On the street where I sleep three people appeared to me during the nighttime hours and awoke me at 02: 00. One of them told me I don't want to see you sleeping here. The same gentleman from Immigration officials gave me a letter in which it is apparent that we need to go to the 24.02.2014,
in Charing Cross police station.
   Describing the letter from immigration, which becomes clear on the residence of foreign citizens from the European Union, in the UK!

The same letter is as follows
Home Office
Central London ICE Becket House 60-68 St Thomas Street, London, SE1 3QU

Dear Pavel Petkov-....................
Intention to deport administratively from the United Kingdom.
In the border service of the United Kingdom (UKBA) we noticed that you are a citizen of the EEA (European economic area), which seems has no right of residence in the Immigration (European economic area) Regulations 2006 (rules).
As the EEA citizen, you have the right to long-term residence beyond the initial three-month period of your stay, if you are:
. Worker/employee (the citizens of the countries of the group, A2 must possess a formal work permit/authorization/Workers)
. A person seeking work
. Self-employed
. Student or
. A person who can live independently.
All these concepts are defined in the rules.
Person who has been admitted or has acquired the right to reside in the United Kingdom in accordance with the rules, may be from the United Kingdom to talk for two minutes, if he/she does not or has ceased to have the right of abode in accordance with the rules.
As it seems at present you do not have the right to reside, UKBA intends to deport You from the United Kingdom.
In order to ensure the possibility to consider in entirety your personal situation and whether you have the right of residence, please come to the meeting of the 24.02.2014 at 11: 30 at Charing cross police station
The meeting will be requested to provide documentary evidence of the following:
1. the identity
2. nationality
3. your address in the UK
4. financial situation
5. employment/training
6. marital status
7. information for family members

With respect,
S. Mitchell.

   Under these rules, the Government formed, "Limiting Discriminatory law" in which the law treats the citizens of Europe, which is wrong and stupid!

          Additions and amendments to the laws are made with normal rules!

       No need to have barriers between one and the other countries of Europe
 Most foreigners like me are poor and homeless, can not meet the stupid law in the UK and will be deprived of liberty, freedom of movement and rights.

   I went on a date with immigration and presented papers on which documents: At the meeting I presented documents that I did-registration,
2. National insurance number,
3. document from the Bureau of labor,
4. a document in which it becomes apparent that I am registered as an active job seeker. By Directorate Bureau of labor made denial of Job seeker Allowance they do not indicate the reasons for the refusal.
    I follow the directions and appeared to signatures of the designated dates, before I signed any document, then the first meeting, I signed six / 6 / times.
    I did the registration in the site of government-job search and was in charge of ads by sending "autobiography".
  For the second time, I applied for unemployment benefits (JSA) on 12.03.2013-in their decision wrote that he could not pay social assistance, why I have not been complied with the conditions and this is not true-they lie to themselves.
  I have searched and still looking for a job, and sent them on Classifieds to their website which I have a profile, I answered as I apply for a 4 job and send-your resume. also, I get the dates appearing signature, finally receiving a waiver, as always: Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)

  Having previously appeared for further tests related to "habitual residence test" and other tests that examine the knowledge of English language

  I appeared for the filling: Habitual Residency Test in which the test pretty citizens will be affected...
  In 2010, I was detained for a period - four / four / one month / one / day without receiving the minutes of the court and without compensation. In 2011, I was seized documents eight / 8 / months.
  In 2012, I was registered in Wales under the law for LGBT people and signed a document in which it is clear that I have the right to housing and social benefits without looking in other countries political home - but they do not give me nothing but make again experience get me off !
  In November 2012, I was posted illegally on a plane to Bulgaria without my permission and without all my documents!

  Citizens are restricted from social assistance. Citizens, who want social benefits under the law of the rules for the application of the law on social assistance.
 To want social aid, first required by the Jobcentre to sign a bunch of papers, after which you will be obliged to take the place of habitual residence test, that test you are limited to aid.

  In the Jobcentre, I turned to social assistance and was limited bya test that test is: the Habitual Residence Test
  This test is done so to complicate citizens and can not meet a bunch of issues that - most of the public will be affected!

 England does not pay benefits and welfare of  innocent   citizens detained in prisons in restricting discriminatory laws of the United Kingdom !

     According to me, England, should be outside the membership of the European Union.

 To the point at which a State is a member of the Europe, but does not comply with the rules of the European Union, should be sanctioned and judged in Strasbourg !

 Something more: Those who do not respect administrative, Penal laws and issued decisions on which to indicate the reasons for the arrest, detention and deportations of citizens-need to be put in prison for a long stay, 2. compilation of the Act of infringement, 3. authorisation to be withdrawn-since the conflict with your work!


Work on the topic
                  Brief information, you center for homeless

  On 31.12.2013, I went to the center for the homeless please allow me to sleep in the social, but I had refused to let me in and I said, well but wish blanket, which also made ​​me cancel.
Before I went in socio homeless and I was asked by the registry to show my passport and I stated that Bulgarians are not accepted!
  On the streets where I sleep, people from socio come to me and require date of birth and names and I of course, I quote their names and date of birth!

On 14/04/2014, I visited the Social homeless in order to bathe and burn sleeping. Social worker, as always, refuses to sign me in sheet to sleep also, he told me not to come more in socio - understand why I gave up all of this - I have not done anything wrong!?
Socio which made ​​me refuse to accept me are :

located on the street - The Connection at St Martin’s 12 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HW ....

Providence Row The Dellow Centre 82 Wentworth Street London E1 7SA

  In the Center for the homeless, was admitted, only five (5) nights, as previously, I was compelled to sign two documents in which the documents make it clear that I agree my personal data to be processed and made available to the fourth and fifth persons once I initiated, both form the social worker asked me, Coop-series questions, and then I was saved for a night and then for four nights, no more. I anew in a hostel for the homeless and was hoping to enroll me to sleep, but in the Center for the homeless, was admitted, only five (5) nights, as previously, I was compelled to sign two documents in which the documents make it clear that I agree my personal data to be processed and made available to the fourth and fifth persons once I initiatedthe two form the social worker asked me, Coop-series questions, and then I was saved for a night and then for four nights, not more. I anew in a hostel for the homeless and was hoping to enroll me to sleep, but the social worker did not want to save me to sleep. She added: to go back to Bulgarian!

This Centre is operated by the Government of England.

The people who work at the homeless say sociali: we help homeless, but they lie, and only interested in data on the homeless and use them for commercial purposes.

The form which is required to sign it by the homeless is:


The signing of the form, from the homeless, carried in : located on the street - The Connection at St Martin’s 12 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HW

   For this purpose, please follow every single information that information will be useful for you
    General brief information about the lives of the citizens of the UK, and ...
                              For citizens of other countries in London

   England citizens exhibit racism towards foreigners - the homeless, call them (shit) and kick them off the streets

  I sleep on the street because I'm in a difficult social situation . Go to sleep from 22:00 to 6:30 in the morning , I pass along all kinds of people , some call me shit , while others kick me , I guess they are racists , or Englishmen addicts from Britain. Once an Englishman , a homeless beggar who offers BIG ISSUE newspapers made ​​me a problem , so I sleep on the street where he offers newspapers , then I went to sleep on another street .

  The new place where I sleep , appear to me racist Englishmen and they kicked me and others tell me to get out of where I sleep , and another Englishman junkie drunk to bed my legs , then I get out of it and I returned later to 24:00 at night and he was gone.

  Other Englishmen beggars , drunks stay where I am lying and I drank beer , then they left without being discarded metal litter of beer. I complained to the police but they did not take action and do not mind me. Police did not follow well enough , those who make trouble while chasing homeless people and treat them !

Continue to kick me, spit, and I showered with a cup of urine, also, the citizens of England, out-fasovi of cigarettes on my sleeping bag that I got to sleep!

One of the group, shouting at me-wake up, and then one of them came up to me and poured a glass of urine on my head – I guess this type of Member Džamejka, Arab countries or Briton-shared the police, without result.
The police, not paying attention to homeless people and treat them badly and seeking ways and occasions to removes them and return them to their home countries.

Citizens of the UK, which make problems, the police managed to catch them and have them check for hash or other narcotic substances, but I've noticed that smoke hashish, while walking along the street and another man, a black man, I guess that's from Džamejka, it was the Charing Cross station, the same try to stop me, while at the same time he cries I suggest drug, but I skipped it-I wonderhow the police never thought to check such people a annoying often stray!

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