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Sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTI)

Sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTI)

Can you help me. In Europe me discriminate .
In Bulgaria , attack me racists who do not like gay , lesbian .
 In England, I have sought political asylum for racing by racists who do not like gay bisexual!
 The Government gave me shelter, very difficult. Registered me in Wrexham, after which, the 02.11.2012, took me on a plane, of illegally to external big foot. 
 In Bulgaria, my other problems; employers where I was working, do not issue a contract and lie with the payment. - So, I've dealt Inspectorate of Labor Protection, without assist! When I have money I pay rent, but the problem is that landlords do not make registration, which is a problem for me! I have no home, because I'm having a baby abandoned in orphanages ... When I was twenty years I tracked them my parents, but they were not interested in me and then nothing. In the town of Yambol, I was born by accident, and I am registered with the dormitory for students - which, I'm also more documents. In Bulgaria no security attack me in the streets racists who do not like lesbian, gay and bisexual.
  When I was back from the Immigration of England, Bulgaria, was again attacked by racists who do not like LGBT. I had to turn blue eye and I immediately went to the "Hospital Pirogov" - doctor on duty refused to issue me a paper, because I had no money !
  I tried to make a medical, but it is supposed to pay 50 euros.
  Also, I went to the police and I shared what happened to me and they told me describe my case in this papers and finally to no avail !
Also, I went to the police and I shared what happened to me and they told me describe my case in this papers and finally to no avail!   

For the first time, I left Bulgaria - in 2010, MayAll the problems I shared in an interview for asylum in England! Also, I sent an email to them, links to which information on attacks against LGBT and lives of people with various sexual deviations that what I have presented as evidence, since it is difficult to provide evidence in the form- on paper.
     For these reasons, I would like to waive European citizenship in America!
 In other European countries there is a law for Lesbians, gay, bisexual, and Transexsual, (LGBT), but they don't protect me or anyone like me because I am poor and, therefore, that I am a citizen of Europe. Yes, I am a citizen of Europe, but what's with that anyway, as in Europe, the Governments of the Member States shall introduce restrictive laws that deprive me of the right because I'm poor, in place to register and accept the law-LGBT.    Most of the poor like me how to register and when each State, introduced a huge limiting laws, in which the poor will not be able to set up and will be returned to their home countries.

 I am aware that the renunciation of nationality is serious, but I have no choice.

I never, ever, had any problem, also I have no criminal record. I did, because I'm poor and without being protected.

 Everything you share is true!
 ....Follow any information to find out everything !

  For more information on the system of England and me, please follow the links !

http://blog.yuku.com/topic/6/Information-of-England http://httpfacebookcomactor1981.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2012-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=1

            More information on this topic, please go to the title of:
                 Information about the immigration of England

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