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"Information management on the European Union and London"

                         I N F O   L O N D O N

    Appendix past and to this information, I add, the following ;  

   During the night the place where sleep came from immigration, and gave me a document which shows that they will deport me on 5/17/2012, I can do without any problems, considering that I am a European citizen.   

   The other thing is that I visited the website of the Ministry of Interior, as I headed to the form which I filled in for shelter, for which I apply and because I have problems in their country.  - For more information about this and other, please go below.   

    The form which I filled in was sent to the Ministry of Interior, which was rejected because I sent them an email, before that I attached the file and had the shape asylum is send a fax or online Ministry of Justice, not to send me address of institution where you can use this document or to be invited to interview, which was wrong, but unfortunately they do not because they do not want to give me asylum.   

    For my problems I met all the institutions have listed, below, without having to do anything in my case and for England as he works in the systems.   

    For all offenses which are England, these institutions themselves are aware of and human rights organizations.   About any that and I insist please Ombudsman to report and submit it to the European Parliament, when England did not reach consensus and resolve the problems of European citizens  - It's in the rules when it violates European law and European law and when there are other offenses in European law country to be removed from the European Union.   

    I have more information for England, which does not bode well for the country, but it will not describe it, because it correspondsTo my problems that I describe here.   If you deport me, I'll write more about my case in London or what happened to me.

    Organization "Stonewall" which is an area of England - London, refused to help me for refuge, the same organization dealing with LGBT immigration.
 Attached given their answer to me is;
 Dear Pavel, Many thanks for your email. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences but I'm afraid Stonewall is unable to assist directly with immigration applications.

 Kind regards


 Louise Kelly
 Information Officer
 I wrote to the other organizations that deal with LGBT immigrants, including immigration and London, so far unanswered


Writing and the organization, LGBT, which is;
.http://www.petertatchell.net/contact.htm With this and what helped me, the same as that organization say they are helping LGBT, but no help ... In their o tgovor to me, applied practice

Hi Pavel,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. You have my sympathy.

Sadly, I am not an asylum expert or solicitor.

For information, assistance and advice on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)  asylum issues, please contact Jill and Erin at the asylum office of the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG):

Phone 020 7922 7811 or 7812 (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm).

UKLGIG immigration and foreign partner helpline: 020 7922 7811 - Monday 2pm to 6.30pm.

The UKLGIG holds monthly advice sessions in London, where LGBT asylum seekers and LGBT people with foreign partner and immigration problems can get free expert help from a UKLGIG solicitor. For details of these advice sessions, phone: 020 7922 7812.

See full information about UKLGIG’s services and its advice on asylum and immigration issues: 

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG)
32-36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH

What is needed for a well prepared LGBT asylum application / appeal?
To win your asylum claim/appeal, you need a full, detailed personal account of the homophobic persecution that you suffered or you know other LGBTs have suffered in your home country, or that you fear you will suffer if you return to your home country. It needs to be very detailed and specific, with dates, places, names and so on. Vague, general statements are deemed not credible.

You need supporting evidence. This can include written statements from friends, family and/or partners (they need to give their full name, date of birth, address, relationship to you and their statement needs to be signed, dated and witnessed by one or two other people (who also give their full name, date of birth, address etc).

It can be helpful to have letters of support from your local councillor, MP, MEP, neighbours and other friends in the UK, who know you and can attest that you are gay, are a person of good character etc.

Supporting evidence can also include copies of newspaper reports (dated and sourced), reports from human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and news releases from LGBT groups like  International Lesbian and Gay Association and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission etc.

Look under International for any stories re homophobic persecution in your county.

You also need an expert witness who can testify to the nature and extent of homophobic discrimination and violence in your home country. An expert witness is an academic or human rights organisation official who has specialist knowledge of homophobic persecution on your home country. The expert witness can testify in court or can present a written submission to your solicitor.

Finally, your solicitor needs to present evidence of previous successful asylum claims by LGBT refugees from your country. These case precedents are vital to win a case.

Note: If you need an expert witness and don’t know of one, your solicitor should contact:

Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA)
Lindsey House
40-42 Charterhouse Street
London EC1M 6JN
O20 7251 8383

The ILPA has a list of expert witnesses covering most countries in the world.

Best wishes, Peter

     In which, I understand that LGBT having the same problems and apply the law in England, will not solve the problem, because this condition, above which is in response to me is the policy of England.
What I guess when someone applies the law for LGBT and what conditions must satisfy
   .      He or she LGBT must prove first that they are:
           - gay or lesbian would or transgender.
   .     Che same LGBT, he or she has problems in his country

I say these conditions.
In Europe, perfectly knows what, and which countries have adopted laws for LGBT people.

        I am from Bulgaria and there is no law for LGBT people, which I want to say that have no rights, and to prove whether I was or another attack, it is clear and there is information to the political administration.

England does not comply with laws and violates the rights.

This country I believe the Arab tribe

I, brave lawyer to represent me in the European Court, the same who represent me, I promise that all of my compensation will be for lawyers   


"Information management on the European Union and London"

         In my case, I met, the European Court and European Commission, which is the same in their response to me is that they know nothing I can do, because this case does not affect them. Naturally, they will not conflict, because all are bound.I answered them as they responded to the message ...
-You, as the European  Commission, what is your position and activities, but they do not I answered this question, a question that I asked of this panel? ....  

   In my case, I also wrote to the European Ombudsman, as I visited their website and lodge their appeal in terms of my case and because it appears on their website of the European Ombudsman, he who investigates complaints concerning maladministration institutions and bodies of the European Union.

   This European Ombudsman did not answer the complaint, which deposits in the form of their site !

         Some do not do their job and for countries like England, working as they want in the systems and violate human rights. 

   The European Court also refused to intervene, despite my insistence, after the few times I wrote to the court to become familiar with my case and asked them for assistance, "European Court"

Attached practice their responses to me, which is as follows;

Dear Sir,

 The Court has jurisdiction to hear allegations of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights and does so on receiving individual or inter-State applications. It cannot take up cases of its own motion.

Please find attached an information document to the attention of persons wishing to apply to the Court. As you will notice, there are some admissibility conditions, in particular the exhaustion of domestic remedies.

 Yours sincerely,

 Public Relations Unit
European Court of Human Rights
Fax: +33 3 88 41 27 30
Web: http://www.echr.coe.int/

     On this, this and what I think, in terms of response by the European Court, to me, "I do comment" ...

     Of course, that this government will not conflict with, probably about lawyers is not rolled, to judge England.
      Lawyers are aware that in Europe is a big mafia governments ...
   Attention Americans !
   On this Day for Europe is full of managers - mobsters and terrorists like England that violate human rights, making them isolated and deprived of their freedom and rights!

   Of course, that people mouth in the belief that they have no rights and what rights you cry and I'm not interested in politics. Therefore, people make trouble, not because it makes them fun but because they are isolated and deprived of rights ... 
    England was in great disorder, and derogate much in this, the European Union and I believe this country should be eliminated from the European Union and be sued, and also to impose sanctions and widespread violations and for failure to their contract, who has signed for accession to the European Union !

          What I think about what I write ....  For this and similar cases with other citizens, you can make inferences and conclusions, and how to work management, which manages Europe  The rules of this country and their policies as well as other managers, they are set as rules and policies are not contestable and not appealed, it remains fully and to the European Court of any citizen complains and can not be appeal
 -These are the words of the European CourtIn the book of the law says that everyone has rights and is not used in practice, only talk ...
-These are the rulers of Europe who are working as you want in systems .
  I am convinced that Americans are accurate and comply with the law and not by European gangsters, they are thinking only about yourself and how to fill cuddling instead of thinking about social poor families and disabled homeless people and turn them from innocent in criminals who are not actually, but then they become such because they are isolated, incarcerated, violating the basic principles and disqualification  I am convinced that many citizens have their rights violated, but they I can not describe but others cry (what to describe, is there any sense)

       For the author of any information, including that Pavel Petkov of Bulgaria
I have problems in Europe and wish to opt out of European citizenship because I am deprived of his rights and I do not want
to go to presapnosta and want to live normally.

This will make me happy, it became a criminal because I do not wanna be in their cells or to be tried ...
-This will crush 
identity me of a young man and will stop me on the social situation
I am thirty years.
I grew up in orphanages, despite the uneasy my life, I have not made the slightest problem.
In Bulgaria, I am attacked because I participated in gay movies.
I'm with orientation, bisexual.

I do not want to live in Europe.
I want to give up European citizenship

Please help from America and Canada

I hope for your help and support!


As my problems with the London policewho chased me from the streets sleep, which I met institutions responsible for European citizens ...
- So, please, visit the following linkit is;




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