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#Extradition The Fight of Our Lives: LEGAL EXPERTS RESPONSE

            England, and judge those who are fighting, which is also in the policy.

    When they caught two foreigners for example, to compress, England, aims to condemn both, not just one, whether one is innocent or guilty.

    To me it was going to attack me and it already twice, at the place where I sleep, but I'm not going to fight because I know that this country would put me in jail and still tormented me while I plead guilty .
   At the place where sleep experience one, but I guess it was an Englishman, and tried to irritate me as I pulled the sleeping bag, it was something like 23:00 and shortly after that appeared two police cars and I think it was staging.

    England, looking for ways and reasons to be rid of foreigners immigrated to their land.

    But to me if I am sick and attack me I will begin to strike, in which I want to say that in attacks me, I must defend myself and to them that's not true and is not an excuse because England has designed to put someone in jail and get him to plead guilty when the person is found guilty, the State deport citizen

               I am convinced that this, England was sentenced pretty citizens unfairly.

      What England accepts as the law of the fray, I can say that this is not in the rules and can not fit the law of criminality.

          .             Except if there are a citizen to complain against someone that was attacked, then this case can be fit and interpret the law on crime !

    To me it is interesting how this has been accepted for compaction to the law, and a knife, how did this country is taking and how it is voted on first reading or second in the parliament of England.
     I can also say that there are laws in the past and supplements, but does like England, which introduced what is not in compliance.

          For out more information about this and another related to it, and my problems in London, please follow the following link, which is as follows:



   I would like to make comments / criticisms and provocations of England and America, on the case of Richard, for this purpose, Richard, a personal information about his case in London and made ​​of the information to be placed on my blog and then I know what I do!

#Extradition The Fight of Our Lives: LEGAL EXPERTS RESPONSE: Graham Smith IT, IP Lawyer's Blog

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