понеделник, 27 февруари 2012 г.

Information Jobcentre Plus - London

         " Information Jobcentre Plus - London "

    For the second time I visited the Bureau of Labour - London National Insurance Number, as before, since my first visit to this office, I made ​​a copy of identity card and (3) signed, but on my next appearance, visited again, the desk, as I like (2) two copies of passport, they still require me (3) signed, even told me to put my signature, which is my passport to be duplicated and it is clear that from me without issue this my National Insurance Number, which means that Bulgaria and Romania are not restrictive, but rather a complete ban, which means it is not possible one of these European countries to work in England, I want to say that this is also one of the policy of this country.
   Their excuse is that it will work and these are placed a total ban, while having in mind that England put these bans European Countries ...

   All this is done by adding these prohibitions to, for the money of European citizens.



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