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                          ,,INFORMATION FOR POLICE OF LONDON"

                   Appendix past and to this information, I add the following ;  
  Very often the police bother me and I made inquiries, I can do without problems and there I decided to Pickpocketing and smaller backpack places from where I sit or sleep on the street.   Wherever I go to sleep, the police chasing me and telling me not to sleep here or any cadet!This police force in England, no respect and understanding of homelessness and homeless nervous!At the point that I slept and slept, despite the threats from their peers if their not get out of there I will be arrested, as I continue to sleep there and poeviha two who presented to the police and asked for my passport, they were in civilian dress !   As I mentioned England, and seeks excuses to rid homeless people.In the centers for the homeless in do nothing and just want my data, and for the people of the centers require passports to be given them and then told to go back to Bulgaria.  
   I think in centers for homeless people to work with smart people development and have completed the same psychology, because here it comes, for all homeless!  Also, I want to say that England does not help and the elderly and the disabled. 
-That you noticed the streets, walking with wheelchairs and those without means ... 
    Should the police those of London, located in Westminster, where the police station to bother me and I wake in the night, every night and tells me to go to sleep in the park or elsewhere and that if you do not get out of place, which will arrest me sleep. This often-repeated by them to do without problems nor simple.

   Why sleep there, I explain :

   Police are very stuck and misbehaving with me and kicking me as I wake up ! 
   - I am convinced that the police and joined with others !

   I wonder, why is it bad English? What caused their behavior and humanity and understanding to me? Nowhere have I seen in any state officer to take into account and tells you where to sleep, except in London !   
   This country does so in order to get out homeless people in place to help them, preferring to isolate them and deprived of rights and to seek ways and occasions to score them in prison and tortured until they recognize it is guilty in my case !   In England, centers for the homeless do not help and I want the data and then tell me that I can not help me except to come back to Bulgaria.  

Sleep the place which is near the police station to police station itself has a small building at that site is against this and I sleep just one street, which falls on to this little building, which has two cameras to that something happen or has happened to me or to my documents and I will be sure and safe! 
I decided to live in England because the english hold on and I thought that I would be better, but I am not well, rather disappointed and very touched by that State for which I have never seen in my life !

The topic I, still working

  To find out anything, please follow every single information that information, I guess that will be useful for every one

Petkov. P.

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