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   In this site has information about knives, in which it appears that there is a ban on knife over three inches and about this and that was my case, I want to comment. 

   In connection with my case, I did in this profile, which is the site below and administrators have blocked me.
   http://www.goxplore.net/guides/Knife_law_ (UK
   I'm not convinced that this is the law of knives in England ...
   If you notice any such law for knives, please inform me, as I have during this time it will look and of course if you find it, I will make further comments and would provoke a system of England and knives  !
   If there are others in my case may be advised by me !
   Occupy this position because I had suffered for that.

   For more information about this and another related to it, and my problems in London ,
  -Please follow the link below which is as follows ;

   Then go to my documents, which are located in the left side, go to document 3 or go to google and typing


Petkov Pavel 

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